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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I upgrade my PowerSaves Software?

The latest software for PowerSaves is available from https://powersaves3ds.maximummemory.com/

Do not uninstall the old version of the software if you have a previous version otherwise you will have to re-enter your license key.

Why is the Login button disabled?

The login button is disabled as you have not filled in the login fields correctly. This might be that you have not entered the correct number of characters/numbers. Please re-check your license key and try again. Once the fields have been filled correctly, the login button will enable allowing you to click and login.

Is PowerSaves Pro/3DS compatible Mac OS Big Sur?

PowerSaves Pro/3DS is NOT compatible with Mac OS Big Sur. PowerSaves Pro/3Ds requires Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to 10.15 (Catalina) to run on a Mac.


Which games are supported on PowerSaves?

A full list of supported games is available on the home page of Powersaves 3DS

How do I restore a save file if it has been corrupted?

Some game titles allow you to reset your save data and start again; please refer to the game manual for details regarding your specific game. Most newer games allow you to access the manual by pressing the home button on the 3DS while in game and then choosing “manual”


Erasing Your Game Save Data Pokemon X & Y:

When you wish to completely erase your save data, press D-Pad Up + B + X simultaneously from the title screen.

It’s advised to backup save data before applying codes, or overwriting personal save data with PowerSaves content.

If the cartridge is removed during the writing or reading process, save data may become corrupt or deleted. The backed up save data can be restored from the “PC/CARTRIDGE” tab of the software.

The 3DS Power Saves has an “auto backup” feature to help customers who may forget to backup their data before writing codes or power saves to their cartridges. This feature should be enabled by default, however, if it is not, or has been disabled, it can easily be turned back on via the options menu.


Where can I purchase Powersaves 3DS from?

You can puchase  Powersaves 3DS from Codejunkies directly or from all good third party stockists.

Where can I purchase PowerSaves Pro from?

You can purchase Powersaves 3DS from Codejunkies directly or from all good third party stockists.

Account / Login

I Cannot Remember my CodeJunkies Username/Password, can you help?

If you are unable to remember your Codejunkies Username/Password please use our Codejunkies lost details service

How do I register my license key?

  • Download the latest version of the PowerSaves Software
  • Install the PowerSaves Software
  • Verify that you have an active internet connection.
  • Open the PowerSaves Software.
  • If you already have an account on Codejunkies please complete the "I already have an account section". Otherwise Click on the "Create" button or open a browser to the Create Codejunkies Account Page and complete the "I already have an account"" section after registration.
  • Verify your email address if you are asked to do so.

Your PowerSaves software is now ready to use.

Can you resend my license confirmation email?

Firstly check your spam folder to ensure that the email has not been identified as SPAM.

If you still have not received your email you can resend the email by following the steps below.

  • Open the Powersaves Software
  • Select Options
  • Re-enter your Username, Password and license key
  • Select OK/Create

You should now receive a message asking you to confirm your resent confirmation email.

How do I retrieve a lost license key?

If you need to retrieve a lost license key, please enter the email address associated with your PowerSaves 3DS / PowerSaves 3DS Pro in our lost license key service

Please note: This service is only available to Powersaves 3DS / Powersaves 3DS Pro users who have already registered their product.

How do I create an account?

If you are having difficulty creating or registering an account please see our Account guide


Which games are not supported?

CodeJunkies is currently unable to support the following 3DS games on PowerSaves:

  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Fantasy Life

Are you taking code requests?

We are no longer taking code requests for new games or games that are already supported on PowerSaves. 

However, we do and will continue to support existing titles and codes available on PowerSaves. 

PowerSaves Prime

What is Powersaves Prime?

Prime gives you fast-track, priority access to cheats and enhancements before their general release.

Access codes now with Prime for instant use of the latest cheats and enhancements or check out the countdown timers to see when they’ll be available for free.

Simply pick up Prime Points in the Codejunkies store. Simply redeem Power Points on a game title/pack to get instant access to codes - You can buy just one Power Point or you can pick up 5, 10, 15 or 20 – the choice is yours.

Please make sure that the account you buy the points on is the account linked with your PowerSaves license key.



Please provide us with the credentials you have used in the Powersaves app

License Key
Login Name
Email Address
Date of Purchase
Copy of your receipt

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