Powersaves Plus

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase Powersaves Plus from?

PowerSaves Plus is now a discontinued product however, the software and games are still supported by CodeJunkies.


Can you resend my license confirmation email?

Firstly check your spam folder to ensure that the email has not been identified as SPAM.

If you still have not received your email you can resend the email by following the steps below.

  • Open the PowerSaves Plus Software
  • Select Options
  • Re-enter your Username, Password and license key
  • Select OK/Create

You should now receive a message asking you to confirm your resent confirmation email.

How do I register my license key?

  • Load the web application in your web browser.
  • If you already have an account on Codejunkies please complete the form with your username, password, license key and Device. Otherwise Click on the "Create a Codejunkies Account" button or open a browser to the Create Codejunkies Account Page and complete the "I already have an account"" section after registration.
  • Verify your email address if you are asked to do so.

How do I retrieve a lost license key?

If you need to retrieve a lost license key, please enter the email address associated with your PowerSaves Plus in our lost license key service

Please note: This service is only available to users who have already registered their product.

I cannot remember my Codejunkies Username/Password?

If you are unable to remember your Codejunkies Username/Password please use our Codejunkies lost details service


What type of SD Cards are supported?

Only Micro SD cards are supported and they must be formatted with FAT32. Support for exFAT will be added in a future release.

How do I format my Micro SD card with FAT32?

If your SD card is 32GB in size or smaller please follow the steps below.

  • Open up the 'Computer' window by pressing Windows key + E on your keyboard
  • Your SD card should be displayed in the 'Devices with Removable Storage' section. Right-click on your SD card to bring up the right-click menu options. Select Format.
  • Please select the following options to format the Micro SD card
    • In the Format window make sure that the correct File System is selected. It should be set to FAT32 for 32GB SD cards
    • Select Quick Format.
    • Click Start
    • Once the formatting is complete, you can close the window.
    • You have now formatted the SD card


If your Micro SD card is greater than 32GB you will need to use a 3rd party utility such as Ridgecrop FAT32Format

PowerSaves Plus displays "SD card removed"?

Please ensure that your SD Card is correctly inserted into the PowerSaves Plus Portal.



Which games are we unable to support?

CodeJunkies is currently unable to support the following 3DS games on PowerSaves:

  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
  • Monster Hunter Generations
  • Monster Hunter Stories
  • Fantasy Life

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