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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the Go-tcha Pro+ take to charge?

Charging takes approximately 2 hours*.

*2 hour charge from empty to full is based on a USB connection to a 200mAh power source. Charge time may vary depending on power source.

How do I connect the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ to the Pokémon Go app?

To connect your Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ to the Pokémon Go App:

  • Open the Pokémon Go App
  • Select Main Menu > Settings > ‘Connected Devices and Services’ > ‘Accessory Devices’
  • Select ‘Pokémon Go Plus’ in the ‘Available Devices’ list to search for the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+
  • On the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ swipe across from the Clock/Home Screen to the Bluetooth Connection screen
  • Tap the Bluetooth Connection screen to connect - Bluetooth will be activated for 10 seconds
  • The coloured dot in the corner of the screen will change to reflect it’s connection status. Red = Disconnected. Amber = Connecting. Green = Connected.

How do I know how much charge is left on my Go-tcha Evolve Pro+?

Battery life for the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ can be viewed from the main menu screen and is always shown in the bottom left corner of the screen on any animation.

Duration of battery life depends on intensity of game-play and watch settings including vibration intensity and screen brightness.

How do I set the time on my Go-tcha Evolve Pro+?

Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ can function as a 12 or 24 hour clock.

To set the time from the clock screen:

Press and hold the rotary crown button for 2 seconds to enter ‘Clock Update Mode’

  • Press and hold the rotary crown button for 2 seconds to enter ‘Clock Update Mode’
  • The time on the screen will change colour from white to red and yellow
  • The number highlighted in red is changeable and always starts with the hour
  • Turn the rotary crown up or down, or swipe left or right on the screen to set the desired time To change from hours to minutes, press the rotary crown button. The minutes which were previously yellow will now be highlighted in red
  • To change the clock from 12 to 24 hour display or vice versa, press the rotary crown button again so that the am/pm/24 is highlighted red and turn the rotary crown or swipe left or right on the screen to change between 12 and 24 hour modes
  • To change the time to pm, once am is selected, press the dial to select the hour field again, scroll past 12 and the clock will change to pm

Resetting The Time



You will need to reset the time on the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ when the battery runs flat.


Will Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ work with my device?

Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ is compatible with iPhones with iOS 14 or later installed and compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver. 7.0 or higher installed.


What is and how do I use the 'Buddy Timer'?

The 'Buddy Timer' is a 30 minute timer to remind you to feed your Pokémon buddy!

  • To set the timer press the orange button on the left hand side twice
  • When the timer runs out, the watch will vibrate and an animation will appear on the screen for 60 seconds - this can be cancelled early by pressing the orange button once
  • To restart the timer at any point, press the orange button twice

The buddy time can also be used while the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ is not connected to the Pokemon Go app. 

Is Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ updatable?

Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ is designed with updates in mind. Connect to the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ App from the Apple or Android Web App and any available downloads will begin automatically.

What is the 'Accuracy Setting' on the Go-tcha Evolve Pro+?

The accuracy setting links to success rates for catching Pokémon - specifically, unknown Pokémon.

Based on our own research, we have noticed that within the Pokémon Go game, unknown Pokémon are generally harder to catch using auto-catch devices. This appears to be because auto-catch devices are set to the same auto-catch time for every Pokémon you encounter. When you play manually however, each throw is not as precise as the auto-catch down to the exact millisecond.

If you set the ‘Accuracy’ dial to 100%, Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ will automatically catch at a rate of 3 seconds per Pokémon in range.

Set the ‘Accuracy’ dial to 0%, and it will randomly generate an auto-catch time between 3-8 seconds per Pokémon in range, in real-time as you play. Using this ‘random’ auto-timer, we have discovered a higher chance of success rate catching unknown Pokémon.

Does Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ have a pedometer?

No, Go-tcha Evolve Pro+ does not have pedometer funcitonality. 

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