Go-tcha Classic

Frequently Asked Questions


What smartphone do I need to be able to use Go-tcha Classic?

Device requires Bluetooth low-energy compatible smartphone with Pokémon GO app installed. Compatible with iPhones using iOS Ver. 14 onwards installed. Compatible with Android devices with 2 GB RAM or more, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 or higher) capability, and Android Ver. 5.0 or higher installed.

How do I charge my Go-tcha?

The Go-tcha Classic charges via a magnetic USB cable. Simply remove the Go-tcha Classic unit from the wrist band, connect the magnetic cable and connect the other end to a USB power source.

The cable will only connect one way around - you will feel the magnets indicating the correct orientation as you position the connector. Simply return the Go-tcha Classic to the bracelet when fully charged.

Battery life depends on intensity of game play.

How do I turn the "Auto-Catch" mode On/Off?

To turn the ‘Auto-Catch’ function on, press the Go-tcha Classic button until ‘Auto-catch ON’ is selected.

If you have Auto Catch on, Go-tcha Classic will vibrate and animate the screen to show a successful/unsuccessful catch a pokémon, collected the items and how many items it has collected at a Pokéstop


Does Go-tcha Classic have a pedometer?

No. Go-tcha Classic does not have a pedometer.

Is Go-tcha Classic updatable?

Go-tcha Classic is designed with updates in mind. You can update your Go-tcha Classic using the App which you can download from the Apple/Android store (Coming soon).

Is Go-tcha Classic waterproof?

No. Go-tcha Classic is not designed to be waterproof. 

Does Go-tcha Classic have a clock?

No. The Go-tcha Classic does not have a clock function. 


Do I need the app to use Go-tcha Classic?

No. You do not need the Go-tcha Classic App to use the Go-tcha Classic with Pokémon Go. The Go-tcha Classic App is used to update the Go-tcha Classic software and check your stats.

How do I download the app?

The Go-tcha Classic App for Apple is now available to download on Apple Store:


The Go-tcha Classic App is currently waiting approval from Android. Once approved, you can download the App from the Android store for your device. 

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